A game in which not all you see is real, and you must switch between the real and false worlds to reach the treasure at the end.

For the community game jam game with the theme - "The game is a liar"

I used the theme by having the environment lie about what is shown, and you must remember the truth to get through the game.

Finished 4 days before the deadline, wish I could make more levels but was busy and not able to do the whole week. Could have made some cool puzzles

WASD move

Left click - throw sand

F - switch world

E - Interact

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Fun game

👍👍👍 बहोत अच्छा हुआ है।

It's fun but the controls are a bit frustrating. Sliding after I take my hand off of the key doesn't offer a very enjoyable experience. 

Thanks for playing, yeah I tried to fix that but I kept bringing up other problems like the player attaching to walls. Ill make it a priority to fix it next time I do an FPS game jam

Very good game! I haven't played many of the games but this seems to be one of the better 3D games


It looks really great, however I had horrible problem with lags, so it was really hard for me to get through second puzzle. But it's probably problem on my side. Very promising though :)

If you used get axis raw instead get axis then it would be easier to move. Good game though.

Well done! The "switch worlds" meter can be a little punishing, though.


Thanks for playing! I tried to make it so you could easily reset and get full resources again if you died, and could hopefully progress further without using as much of the resource as you would remember the route over time